Ahhhhh…. Alexander and Lee should be stupendously proud of this one. Their game, VURT:the RPG (which I had a small tinkering with, much to their distraction) has been nominated for a ‘Best Game’ award of 2018, meaning it’s up there alongside Blades in the Dark and the Delta Green RPG reboot!

Tears of victory, my friends…

The ENnie Award voting booth is now live over here.

And Vurt:the RPG and Ravendesk Game Studios can be found over here.

I’m wishing all the best to the team for all the fantastic hard work they’ve put in, on what I know has been a multi-year dream project for them. It might have looked impossible to bring the surreal, postmodern worlds of Jeff Noon to the gaming table – but you guys did it, and in style.


Spotted: Earthshaker & Old Kuma!