In rather alarming news, the answer to this question is starting to look, hop, and scamper like a research project. Dear Gods! When the Work calls you, when you call the Work… I guess the question could be otherwise asked as;

How does fantasy survive the Anthropocene?

But worries for my sanity, TBR list, and general caffeine intake aside – I found this article discussion by Mary Woodbury from pretty interesting. [Which reminds me to post those links to all the eco artist/culture groups. Dragonfly is one of them, an excellent site that reviews and interviews eco-fiction]

It was this quote that was most striking for me;

“[…] when writing about nature there is a deeper realism among weird fiction authors as they go beyond what we think we know.”

Deeper, hidden realism(s)…like the deeper, hidden processes that make up our world, and that intimately binds us inside the experience ‘of worlding’ (to heavily paraphrase Haraway). Myths, like our immediate felt sense of the world on our skins and inside us – to the intimations of mood and imagination – I would suggest all have to be a part of that deeper, most-present reality.


New Storygame: Tree Seasons
Happy Winter Solstice, comrades!