Mr. Frank has been working tirelessly on this since we tripped over into COVIDWORLD. It is with great pride and delight that we can say that there is still a way to play games, with your comrades and Drekkheds, even in these strange times.

  • One person needs to own copy of The Isle of Cats.
  • Everyone else needs pen and paper.
  • (+and a computer/smart phone/or a good postal system!)

From the release:

The Isle of Cats Remote Edition provides a way of playing the game with friends and family who are not physically located within the same room as you. It can be played via webcam, or photo, and offers streamers a way of playing with their viewers.

One player takes the role of the game master and they will need a physical copy of The Isle of Cats to run the game. The other players only need a player sheet which can be downloaded below, and a pen.


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