Greetings Drekkheads,

In case you hadn’t heard, the Big Boss over at City Towers [ed. that’d be you, Frank] has announced the Cityverse’s first ever Painting Competition! You can enter 10 separate photos and the winner gets art prints, Promo Cards or a £75 gaming voucher to spend wherever you like. Already some pieces have started appearing…

[nb. I wonder if Frank will notice if I sneak in that two-tone Skatalite Calamis I’ve been talking about…]

The big guy, by @Paul_crabtree

Rapuil Olembe by @GarySailor

Niiice flocking and highlights, you two!


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And a round-up of City-related things I’ve spotted this week that makes me happy:

and because we notice these things – I am seriously envious of that gaming table, @doclatorre!





Build Table: Stranger Things Additional