Faodail, (noun): A Scots Gaelic world either pronounced F-aio-D-ay-L or F-aer-T-ae-L (*) with two branches of meaning, quite touching when considered together.

First Branch: 1. A lucky find. 2. Stray treasure. 3. Any found object.

Second Branch: 1. Waif.


nb. Waif has interesting threads when we pull on them. From the universal meta brain that is Wikipedia (cough):

…is a living creature removed, by hardship, loss or other helpless circumstance, from its original surroundings…

And in nautical and common law terms, Waif is used to describe a thrown-away object that is later found, but is thought to originally come from Old French guaif or stray beast. Note the connotations for Faodail as a lucky return, an un-looked for homecoming for the object/person. Definitely adding this little bundle to the ongoing obsession fascination with feraculture.

(*) Help me, Scottish Ancestors!