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Isle of Cats Live Now on Kickstarter!

Ahhh! So, the Isle is now open for intrepid adventurers over on Kickstarter – and we met our initial funding goal in 30 mins, with over a 1000 backers!!

Seriously humbling to know that there are people out there who like the same things that we do – and who jump in on Day 1 to make that dream a reality. Thank you so much!

Without further ado, then:

  • The Isle of Cats is a card-drafting, cat-placement [cat-wrangling] game for 1-4 players (5-6 with expansion).
  • You’re traveling to a mythical Isle in the cityverse to rescue cats before evil lord Vesh Darkhand gets there.
  • And with an expected delivery Mar 2020.


Isle of Cats on Kickstarter
Isle of Cats on BoardGame Geek


And if you want to see how the game plays and what the components look like, then Rahdo Runs Through did a fantastic video (thanks, Rahdo!!):

Active Player Network reviews The City of Kings

Ah gosh, Anne from Active Player Network recently did an amazing job of running through The City of Kings!

Got any questions about the game I scrobble for? Want to know what all that tile exploration and monster randomisation schtuff is about? Then fear not – by far one of the best introductions to the game yet, many thanks Anne and APN!



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