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Garden Observations: Spring 2019

  • Saved seed has a lower sprout-rate than fresh seed. Probably about 60% sprout-rate compared to 90%. I’m putting this down to only the best seeds get delivered to my door by the growers, whereas I am more soft-hearted – I’ll give any undersized, malnourished nubbin a chance to sprout XD
  • However, this might be my imagination but it seems that saved seed sprouts earlier than fresh/packet. Especially true after a couple of generations of propagation. I would hazard that even after a couple of yrs, we’re creating location-specific plant families more suited to the vagaries of our micro-climate. Must remember to diversify the seed stock every few years to encourage disease resistance.
  • Aquilegia families default to dominant yellow-white, recessive purple-blue. Over the years we’ve encouraged the Aquilegia’s wherever they come up, and our little population is becoming more yellow-white than it is purple-blue.
  • La Familia, our resident gang of some 20+ House Sparrows will resort to more finch-like behaviour – eating dandelion seeds when they do not have access to easy bird feeders.
  • Cows love eating Jasmine hedges. Sheep love eating Jasmine hedges. Every creature with a stomach loves eating Jasmine hedges.

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