A bittersweet day today as Elise, Beth, and Catherine, and all the lovely peeps at Shimmer magazine have announced the final-evuh Shimmer collection of stories, read more about it here.

Super proud to have any small part in this – not in the least because I’m sharing pages with the likes of Octavia Cade, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sam Rebelein and a hot mess of people so talented, that I feel like the nerdy kid at the back of the room, hanging around the punch…


Madu is a satchel who is in love with Eliza, who is a woman and who is also a princess. Sometimes Madu thinks of herself as a girl, and sometimes she thinks of himself as a boy, and at other times all she thinks is that she is just another thing that Eliza carries around with her. That’s okay because sometimes Eliza thinks of herself as a warrior princess who sometimes thinks she is a girl, and sometimes Eliza thinks she is neither of these things but a piece of flotsam on a swollen river, or a movable bank account beholden either to her parents or her job or the State.

I know it is confusing, but real life is seldom ever as simple as it is in fairy tales.

Many thanks to the Shimmery people for labours both past and present, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you all get up to in 2019!