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Shimmer magazine

That time I wrote a love story about a bag…

Friends! Held is now available for free, online at your favourite abode of the eerie-weird-heartbreak that is Shimmer Magazine. Of course, you can also buy the full issue of Shimmer #41 with added extra author interviews and literary wonderfulness.


I had a great time working with the Editors (although I think they despaired over my conversational use of tenses XD), and in short the whole process went swimmingly.




And check this out – this very morning, along with the associated paperwork and contracts [actual-factual Author skills, yo’] there was this lovely thank-you card. D’awww. I think I am a bit in publishing-love with Shimmer now 🙂

Shimmer are sweet, tho

I’m in Shimmer Magazine!

Kittlings, comrades, and drekkheads – lookit! 😀 🙂

My short weirdfic story Held is now available for your reading pleasure over at the Shimmersite. $2.99 in your choice of .pdf, .epub, or .mobi.

Shimmer magazine #41
Super-creepy Shimmer #41

I am so chuffed, and completely discombobulated by this. Shimmer has been one of those magazines that I’ve been dying to get into, but never had the nerve to submit, or had the chops to hit the grade. It’s got a fantastic rosta of fellow authors, cover art by the fabulous Sandro Castelli [a Hecate-looking angeldemon, no less – which I take to be a great omen for the year ahead], and Shimmer donates to the Southern Poverty Law Centre – so you can read your creepy stories secure in the knowledge that you’re making the world a brighter place.

Many thanks to the hard-working Shimmer staff!

Shimmer 41 January 2018



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