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09:32 Mind Wars


I’m hesitant to write of course – which is proper as the disgust cannot be felt deeply enough, nor can the empathy for the victims of 13:40, -43.53333 172.63333, 15/3/19.

Better voices that mine, those more intimately acquainted with Christchurch, NZ, reflect on the situation:

These demonic thoughts will persist in assailing both the living and the dead because they are alive, they are animate. And until we all complete the work of decolonisation, they will continue to find ghastly emissaries like this[…]

Gordon White of Rune Soup, The Thin Red Line newsletter.

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#Feck2019, already

Feck 2019, as in – to refuse it. To deny the power it holds over us already.

New Year is a weird time for all of us mired in the Gregorian Calendar. It’s the ultimate Alpha-point; it is everything new and promised and time-starting-again. In its most hopeful aspect the New Year promises everything; a magical window of opportunity through which all things will become possible. This is the year that you finally get solvent, or take up yoga, or become the best version of yourself…

///feck you, 2019 – where were you for me last year, the year before that-?///

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Nuclear Refrain: Crowdfunder

Some of the creative team behind Singing For Our Lives are back, and this time their sights are set on global nuclear disarmament!

Nuclear Refrain is a crowdfunded project to develop writings, performances, and socially conscious art exploring nuclear weapons of mass destruction, (or MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction as it is known in the strategic literature) as well as nuclear power, nuclear waste, and particularly the UK’s upcoming Trident weapons system replacement.

Do we need nukes? Nuclear Refrain don’t think so!

What are they doing?



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