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Isle of Cats

Isle of Cats Live Now on Kickstarter!

Ahhh! So, the Isle is now open for intrepid adventurers over on Kickstarter – and we met our initial funding goal in 30 mins, with over a 1000 backers!!

Seriously humbling to know that there are people out there who like the same things that we do – and who jump in on Day 1 to make that dream a reality. Thank you so much!

Without further ado, then:

  • The Isle of Cats is a card-drafting, cat-placement [cat-wrangling] game for 1-4 players (5-6 with expansion).
  • You’re traveling to a mythical Isle in the cityverse to rescue cats before evil lord Vesh Darkhand gets there.
  • And with an expected delivery Mar 2020.


Isle of Cats on Kickstarter
Isle of Cats on BoardGame Geek


And if you want to see how the game plays and what the components look like, then Rahdo Runs Through did a fantastic video (thanks, Rahdo!!):

Cat Frenzy in the Cityverse: The Isle of Cats

Introducing the next game in the Cityverse – The Isle of Cats!

You know the City’s story by now, right? The world is in ruins. The evil Vesh Darkhand threatens everything with his tide of mutant monsters. The last of the free peoples are trying to fortify the ancient City of Kings…

What you haven’t heard about until now is the Isle of Cats – home to some of the rarest cat families in the world. Vesh wants the Isle for its rich resources, but his arrival will spell the extinction of these noble (and somewhat bite-y) creatures.

You play as citizens of Squall’s End, sent on a rescue mission to the Isle. It’s a polyomino ‘cat-drafting’ game, which I keep on trying to get my boss Mr. Frank to call a cat-wrangling game 🙂

This mean’s it plays like cat-Jenga, or better yet; cat-Tetris.

You’ll scour the island for cats, discover lost smuggler treasures, as well as study the ancient lessons of those who once inhabited the Isle with their feline companions. And get them all back to safety before the Darkhand arrives.

It’s a medium-weight, family-friendly game for anyone who likes trying to juggle our furry murderbabies.


Isle of Cats Coming to Kickstarter June 25th


Isle of Cats on BoardGame Geek


* * *

Check out the awesome photography by Danny and Derek, and Ella loves Boardgames at Origins Con – and the awesome game art by Dragolisco!

Danny and Derek have ALMOST a full rescue ship!

Hope to see you there~




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