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The Freelancer’s Clock

I shouldn’t admit to this, but there are a worrying amount of my out-mails that start something like “Given current time commitments, It may take a couple of days to get back to you…” It is an eternal bugbear, and one of the many rocks which I throw myself against. The urge to apologise for not being digitally available 24/7 is always there, possibly not helped by a writer’s sense of shame at ever having the audacity to grub words onto the page at all.

I know I must be terrible at time management. It’s a thing. I am working on it. Apparently I am not the only one however, as my sister-in-law once complained about “the [INSERT FAMILY NAME HERE] time” – which, I am informed is always approximately ten minutes on either side of late or early.

I wonder if time management is a biological trait. I wonder if, way back when, us [INSERT FAMILY TIME] were always the ones to turn up to the mammoth hunt halfway through, or else the day previously. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

Daily notebooking helps. Project guides help. Caffeine definitely helps.

But then, I also have to wonder if it’s a part of the digital landscape that we occupy now. If the precarity of the Freelancer’s position is one that we have to make ourselves far more available than we would have 10yrs ago? My projects extend across the globe, and can be measured in GMT, PDT, CDT, CET, PHT and of course that ever-helpful UTC (Universal Temporal Chaos). I wonder about creating a sort of Freelancer’s Clock like the very sobering Doomsday Clock that I could display at the top of every email; the guage set to either Dangerous, Critical, Nervous Collapse, or SEND HALLP.

But then I realize that I still have work to do, and the coffee won’t drink itself.

Wow, you know that I said earlier that my relationship with wordpress was erratic at best? Well it seems that half of my plugins operate according to chaos theory… The ‘back’ and ‘forward’ post jumps lead to god knows whichever post they like (do they track inside their categories, instead of the whole blog?) and the Publicise sometimes communicates with Tumblr, but most often can’t be mivvered, or else will publish all of my posts from a month in one go… XD

But I kinda like it’s haphazard chic. Who needs functionality when you can have randomness anyway? Enjoy the confusion, comrades…

Why oh why did I imagine that it would be easy to start a wordpress blog…. I have all the code-finagling ability of a fish, *sigh.


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