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anarch brickbats

I know I give this guy a lot of flak in the pages of this blog [cognitive dissonance much, copywriter?] and playing the grouch isn’t one of my most appealing of characteristics – but questions like these keep the radical coals burning:

If you were Jeff Bezos, with a net worth predicted at over $150 billion, why wouldn’t you cure cancer?

Nb. Not that any one wants to give Amazon any more of a messiah complex, but still…

09:32 Mind Wars


I’m hesitant to write of course – which is proper as the disgust cannot be felt deeply enough, nor can the empathy for the victims of 13:40, -43.53333 172.63333, 15/3/19.

Better voices that mine, those more intimately acquainted with Christchurch, NZ, reflect on the situation:

These demonic thoughts will persist in assailing both the living and the dead because they are alive, they are animate. And until we all complete the work of decolonisation, they will continue to find ghastly emissaries like this[…]

Gordon White of Rune Soup, The Thin Red Line newsletter.

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