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GourdFest 2018

Look at these globular beauties, sourced from our little Three Sisters patch! That big green one is larger and heavier than any of our cats. And yes, I did weigh because y’know – Science, y’all…

Gourdfest (and garlic) 2018

In that wonderfully chaotic way that squashes have – those little orange handfuls are supposed to be giant Cinderella Musquee de Provence’s, and I could have sworn the giant green was supposed to be a Turban. Doesn’t look very turban-y to me?

yellow corn 2018

double red corn 2018


A Writer’s Parable

Occasionally, in my most purple of moments I wonder if there is some imaginal realm out there for all the ill-formed and forgotten books that time has forgotten. A corner of the unreal where these dreams still have some existence, even if their plots are dangling out of their seams and they use far too many expressive’s.

I imagine some infinitely patient caretaker, still tending these half-formed things like the scraggy and ancient Lavender that I keep alive in my garden. It might be kinder to uproot it, but a part of me hopes that it might yet produce flowerstalks.


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