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The City of Kings: Newsletter, Miniature Competition, and Table-Envy

Greetings Drekkheads,

In case you hadn’t heard, the Big Boss over at City Towers [ed. that’d be you, Frank] has announced the Cityverse’s first ever Painting Competition! You can enter 10 separate photos and the winner gets art prints, Promo Cards or a ¬£75 gaming voucher to spend wherever you like. Already some pieces have started appearing…

[nb. I wonder if Frank will notice if I sneak in that two-tone Skatalite Calamis I’ve been talking about…]

The big guy, by @Paul_crabtree

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The Silmaril on the Wall

All writers are magpies; we’re corvids’ children, really – stealing pieces of Shiny! from other worlds, other times, phrases that you hear on the bus, a chance encounter with a friend. One of the worlds that influenced a lot of us fantasy writers was understandably this one: Middle Earth, or Arda, charted and discovered by JRR Tolkien.[*]

Of course, I was drawn into the story of a perilous journey, undaunted friendships, riddling dragons and epic battles. I wrote totally derivative fanfic back in the days before it was called fanfic. I created Numenorean heroes living in out-of-the-way Gondorian places; I wrote side-adventures of wild-man Beren and his faithful hound Huan.

[yeah, I was a total and proud geek. I’m not sorry.]

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The City of Kings Expansion and Vadoran Gardens have Landed!

One of the most splendiferous things has been seeing photos of The City of Kings reprint, Expansion Packs and Vadoran Gardens hitting people’s gaming tables. And now I get to join them!

I mean, just lookit…

It’s kinda weird to be sitting here, surrounded by miniatures and components and character boards, and realizing that these things¬†are actually real! I remember writing about you!

So – well done to all the production, design, and logistics folk for working hard to get all these thousands of boxes to thousands of homes around the world. And thank you to the fans, Constant Readers, kittlings and drekkheads who’ve come along for the ride so far. You [yes, you] are what it has all been about, always.

And if thaaaat wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, then consider this little morsel shared on tweetsville by Frank…



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