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Frank West

Active Player Network reviews The City of Kings

Ah gosh, Anne from Active Player Network recently did an amazing job of running through The City of Kings!

Got any questions about the game I scrobble for? Want to know what all that tile exploration and monster randomisation schtuff is about? Then fear not – by far one of the best introductions to the game yet, many thanks Anne and APN!


Vadoran Gardens Sneak Review on Creaking Shelves

A lovely little review on the next City game over on Creaking Shelves.

“It’s a really neat approach to expanding on the success of a huge, thematic, game like City of Kings. Especially for a small Kickstarter based company with only that one game under its belt. It provides a hook into a, mechanically, very different game for all the fans of the first(…)

So… what’s all this about gardening?

Vadoran Gardens is about going for a walk in a garden. A pretty garden made up of square tiles filled with dirt flower beds, statue dotted ponds, animal filled lawns and… sand. Coarse, nasty sand, it gets everywhere! And doesn’t score you any points.”

I’m biased and I love all the City Games, of course – but I can also say what a treat it was to help out on this. With a slightly younger aesthetic (recommended age 8+) Vadoran Gardens centers around just one aspect of the City of Kings universe: the retirement of Old V’Sheel, the Vadoran Priestess in the City, and the selection and training of the new acolytes. There are still a few places in the City-world where Vesh Darkhand hasn’t reached his foul claws!

And the Gardens will be opening soon, as a part of the new Kickstarter that Mr. Frank has announced, and afterwards available through online webstore/retail.


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