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Isle of Cats Solo Review

The Isle of Cats got a Seal of Excellence from Dice Tower’s Mike DiLisio!

*happy dance*

Mike is looking at the Isle’s play-ability as a solo game, which I know has been a super-important feature for Frank and the City of Games HQ. Muchos Gracias!

Isle of Cats Feedback

Would you like to help the City improve the game? Your feedback is important, and so over here we’re keeping a log of scores and achievements. This helps us make sure the game can be developed in the best way possible.

City Newsletter

And over here is the City of Games Newsletter for sporadic, infrequent updates and going’s-on in the Cityverse (and beyond…)


Isle of Cats Production Samples Are In!

And they look… purrfect. *

It’s hard to describe the sqwee moment you have when you see the first pictures of a dream you have, manifested. But more details can be found in the latest Isle of Cats Kickstarter update – plus a *tentative* piece of very good news for people scratching at the catnip to get their hands on the game 🙂

# # #

*Okay. So maybe there are better puns than that one, but seriously. This is the Cityverse. And Frank. And the Isle of Cats. You should hear the skype meetings…


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