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Final Frontier Games

Vadoran Gardens & Rise to Nobility on Polyhedron Collider!

So, sometimes things like this happen.

Two games that I have worked on get reviewed at the same time by the boys over @ Polyhedron Collider gaming podcast. And, to make it even more eye-wateringly strange they also devote half the show to talking about AD&D; a game I spent my formative years in.

If you want to hear what the inside of Ian’s head is like (which would be me, by the way), then this episode pretty much sums it up. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing XD

A great show once again, reviewing Vadoran Gardens (the City of Games second game that is available right now over here on Kickstarter) and Rise to Nobility from Final Frontier Games shipping now.


A Small Update: Congratulations CITY OF GAMES & FINAL FRONTIER GAMES!

As you may have guessed – New Year’s are always gravitationally slow for me. Call it the lack of sunlight, or not getting out into the garden so much due to the cold, or a host of other things. But, nonetheless I am kicking those jams and sharing some MORE good news with you, erstwhile reader.

Two of the indy games that I have been working with have been nominated for the much-coveted Most Anticipated Games of 2018!

*happy dance* 🙂

The City of Kings Most Anticipated Game 2018
The City of Kings by Frank West, City of Games Publishing
Rise to Nobility Much Anticipated Game 2018
Rise to Nobility by Final Frontier Games

Boardgame Geek, as I am sure you know, are the go-to site for indy games, covering every style of boardgame from kids, to fantasy-rpg, strategy, historical, war, dungeon-crawl, science… You name it, if you’re looking for a fun and innovative game designed and produced by other enthusiasts – this is the place to pick something up. They’ve been running the Most Anticipated Game awards for the past 9yrs [9!!] with some truly amazing games winning over the years.

There are 20 final winners in the various categories (eg. fantasy, war, children’s, etc), and luckily you can vote multiple times – you just ‘like’ the game nominated, and the winners are those with the most ‘likes’.

City of Kings by Frank West (City of Games Publishing); a cooperative adventure game, set in a  unique fantasy world during a time of war. Nominated in 8 categories.

Rise to Nobility by Final Frontier Games; a strategy worker-placement game set in a developing fantasy city. Nominated in 7 categories.

These are two great companies to work with, each with amazing attitude and approach to their work (and each has some stand-out art, too). I would love to claim a little of the shared glamour of their nominations – but really, all respect has to go to their fantastically dedicated creators and designers.

Well done!





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