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Hearing things like this makes me deeply honored to be a part of this. Thank you, to Mr. Frank and Sara, all the phenomenal team @ The City of Games, as well as all the players who’ve joined us.

As an entire package of gorgeous production, phenomenal components, and measured, well-tested gameplay – The City of Kings is a boss.

– Charlie Theel of Geek & Sundry

Here’s the thing, in this glorious age of Board Gaming we have hype thrown at us on a regular basis, everything is the next big thing. City of Kings deserves all the hype, it’s the real deal.

– Mike B of Who Dares Rolls

The City of Kings: Ancient Allies & Vadoran Gardens on Kickstarter!


Comrades, Kittlings, and Drekkheads, lookit!

Back by public demand, The City of Kings has returned to Kickstarter as of today, and brings with it new content in the form of 4 X new World Packs and our brand-new game Vadoran Gardens.


What’s It Got?


First, a complete reprint of the full game (including all previous stretch goals) in both Adventurer and Deluxe editions. Mr. Frank has always wanted to do a reprint, and one of the most frustrating things about the original Kickstarter was not getting it to as many players who wanted it!


World Packs:

1 X Yanna Stormtree & Kuma the Old Character Pack.

1 X Rapuil and Neoba Olembe Character Pack.

Four entirely new heroes to add to the defence of the City (in two sets of two) with their own campaign-style stories and bosses. Each set has been carefully crafted by our arting wizard Miguel Da Silva, and add new dimensions to the game in the form of some unique skills and games mechanics (including sidereal characters; a pet wyvern and a giant armoured turtle!). AND MINIATURES!


1 X Side Quest Pack.

50 Vesh-smitingly new quests to add to your world (whatever edition or combination you’ve got), including more of an insight into the world itself, as well as some new games mechanics.

1 X Hero Pack.

And this. THIIIIIIIS. 6 hand-sculpted 32mm miniatures in the same series as the Character Packs, blank for you to paint yourself. I am thinking very seriously about a rudeboy two-tone Calamis.


Vadoran Gardens

You can add-on a copy of this newest addition to the City-verse; a game about gardening and learning in the Sacred Gardens of the Vadora. This is a different take on the world of Vesh and the City, with entirely different game-play (it’s a card-drafting game, where you connect different ‘paths’ of land alongside doing training tasks).


The School of Games

And if all of that wasn’t enough, during the 31 days of this Kickstarter, The City of Games will also be running an online adventure, with new print-and-play quests released every day [yes. you read that right. every single goddamn day. we dont need sleep. we live on herojuice.]. In the spirit of the City, it’s collaborative, so every task that anyone completes will help you win XP, and the more money raised in the KS gives XP too. The prize? Unique content for the game!


The City of Kings

The City’s Tweetertowers



Behind the Scenes: The City of Kings

It’s eight in the morning, and by that time I am awake, into my second coffee, and at my desk. Good. Not too early and not too late [Tip: Writing is like the Goldilocks Zone, apart from when it’s like your final boss fight with the Kurgan].

Booting up the trusty ‘ol laptop to see what’s occurred in the world while I’ve been in another period of cat-related-fatigue (aka, sleep) and I realize two things: 1). That Epson spams me almost every single go’dangit day about ink cartridges I am never going to buy, and 2). That PLANS have been happening since I last logged in. I trawl through a brace of updates, campaign alerts, newsletters, and the blog posts that I’ve somehow managed to get myself signed up to – and there, at the bottom is an email from my boss, Mr. Frank. Super-Good. Just yesterday I fired off my latest batch of words for his perusal, and while I have been elsewhere he has managed to inspect, edit, tweak, and even play test!

Yikes, that man has drive.

Sitting on my desk is the Deluxe City of Kings set (which I dip into every few hours it seems, and only *partly* to pretend-fight Calamis Earthshaker with a bunch of pointy-helmetted High Elves) which I now crack open to get the little grey cells clicking.

Fresh coffee nearby? Check.

Notebook and pen? [Tip: think in analogue, draft in digital] Check.

Cat set to the sleeping position? Check – but she looks as though she might do a little light killing in a bit. Must remember to protect Calamis.

I am ready to start another day’s work at The City of Games. It’s fun. It’s collaborative. It’s hard work. It’s still fun.

The City of Kings Heroes

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