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Douglas Coupland

Last of March: Reading, Robinson, and Coupland

Just a couple of revolutions before it’s officially the end of March, and I’m holding on before I announce my March Bookhaul (a very small effort this month, tbh, but I’m hoping that by some miracle a couple more ordered books get here on Saturday). This month I think I’ll call it my ‘Haul of Literary Shame’ as I focussed on getting books that I really should have read by now.

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What, you ask, is invariant memory? It’s this: anybody can look at a cat and tell it’s a cat. They can even look at a lion or a cougar and tell that it’s a cat, too. But there’s no such thing as the perfect cat, or the cattiest cat–an absolutely generic cat. The problem with logos versus cats is that logos exist purely unto themselves. A starbucks logo is what it is, and only what it is. Because logos are absolute rather than a variant, the brains of [logosuppressives] were unable to read them. Capitalist time bombs? Darwinian masterpieces?

Douglas Coupland, Generation A.

Solon CR

SOLON CR is indicated for the short-term treatment of psychological unease grounded in obsession with thinking about the near and distant future. By severing the link between the present moment and a patient’s perceived future state, researchers have found a pronounced and significant drop in all forms of anxiety.

– Generation A, Douglas Coupland

Complete sedated inability to look ahead…he’s talking about Effexor, right?


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