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How To Fall – Tyler Reinhard

Anthropologist Margaret Mead once noted that in the mammal kingdom, a fractured bone (specifically the femur) never has the chance to heal. Prey mammals can’t escape. Predators can’t chase. The sick and injured are always the first on the menu. When a broken bone heals, it leaves a permanent scar in the bone, and a healed femur has never been found in fragment or fossil. There is a singular exception to this rule, Mead observes — humans beginning about 15,000 years ago.

Throughout the world today, people are looking at the oldest generations and learning a difficult truth about why those who survived in times of global strife carry the lessons of frugality even in times of plenty. Keeping gardens. Saving food for hard times…Those are the people who were ready to fall, the people who will help the broken bones to heal.

Tyler Reinhard (designer of Signal), Rare Earth Newsletter: ‘How to Fall’.


And After the Virus?

Survival is essential to life, but it’s not all there is to it. It is necessary but not sufficient.

It is simple enough to speak of survival; we can define it with medical terminology. To speak about life, on the other hand, is inherently partisan…If we only haggle with our rulers over the jobs, wages, and healthcare essential to our survival, at the very best, we will come out of this with guaranteed housing in identical quarantine units, digital identity bracelets coded with biological data, and lifetime Netflix subscriptions to dull our senses and distract us from lives that will make Brave New World look like On the Road by comparison. That’s the most the technocrats have to offer. We have to dream bigger…

CrimethInc, ‘The Perils Ahead’

Disaster Altruism


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