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For Millions, Lockdown is not Novels & Quality Family Time

If you are able to work from home, relatively free of anxiety about your job and so far untouched by either illness or death, isolation might come with compensations: you may, indeed, be living the Sunday-supplement lockdown dream of craft projects with the kids and demolishing your backlog of novels. But that is the experience of a tiny minority, even if it is informing some of the media’s apparent neglect of what so-called lockdown actually means for millions of people…

John Harris, Guardian, ‘For millions, lockdown is not novels and quality family time but food parcels and hardship’

Covid is Us: Philip Shepherd

The crossroads at which we now sit has no sign pointing the way forward. This much is clear, though: the shutdown of the economy cannot go on indefinitely; but neither can ‘business as usual’. We harbour an instinctive desire to get over COVID and fire up the virus of consumer culture as quickly and robustly as possible. But in this unplanned cessation of what we call normality, we need to clearly understand that our economic system is set up, like COVID-19, so that it can only thrive by seeding death. We also need to understand that no ‘new idea’ can save us from its death spiral. The ideas of the head have been in charge for too long, and the body of the world is bleeding out as a result….

Philip Shepherd, ‘Covid is Us’

Weepy, sad, tired. A lot of us are probably feeling like this.

The fever and the PM’s announcement hit pretty much within an hour of each other, and I’ve been trying to keep my s**t together since then.

A night of tossing and turning, aching limbs, pounding headaches.

Maybe it’s the virus talking, but sometimes I can almost imagine the entire, quaking body of Britain groaning and turning in her sleep.

I wonder what she, and I, will wake up to when this fever-dream has ended.




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