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corona virus

Arundhati Roy: Our Task, (in the Virus Years)

In very much the same way as the coronavirus has entered human bodies and amplified existing illnesses, it has entered countries and societies and amplified their structural infirmities and illnesses. It has amplified injustice, sectarianism, racism, casteism and above all class inequality.

Arundhati Roy ‘Our Task is to Disable The Machine’ Progressive International, 02/05/2020.


Lockdown Songs

The whole western world appears to be in lockdown as I write this, and this errant escriteur, too, is currently embargoed in a house with a wood burner and (thankfully) tonnes of fresh veg and laughter.

I hope that you, Gentle Readers, Kittlings, Comrades and Drekheads, can have similar joys.

The whole notion of ‘social distancing’ is one I am particularly uncomfortable with. Not that I want anyone to get ill – but that messaging is pretty poor. Messaging, language, are the cultural spells we use to weave a world…

So, let me spread this most alternative piece of messaging a comrade staying in the Nordics shared with me:

People across the world, in Holland, Denmark, Italy and beyond have taken to singing to each other from their balconies and barely-open windows, letting each other know that we are not distant; we are never alone.


And with some possible inspiration for other choristers out there:

And the best piece of advice I have also been given recently: Be not afraid.




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