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China Mieville

contumely: a harsh dressing-down, or insulting display of contempt in language or actions.

* Apparently most spotted in Shakespeare, and hardly ever used these days. As an aside: you might see from recent posts that I’m getting through a China Mieville book, so you can guess where this odd little fellow comes from!

** Double Aside: I am sure that Mr. Mieville is on a personal quest to sneak concatenation somewhere into every book. So far spotted in October once! 🙂

October Book Haul


Solidarity Forever, comrades! October is already shaping up to be a great month, with two new tomes to add to the home. I’ve been after a Chambers’ thesaurus for aeons, and an almost-forgotten Gift Voucher [thank you Trish + Allen] allowed that to happen. Chambers is the sort of thesaurus that could build fall-out shelters with if you had enough of them – a prospect which we might have to consider before too long, sadly –  it’s got a very pleasing “Word-lovers Gallimaufry” section on collective nouns, weasel words, manias, collectors and more.

The top book is, of course, October by the ever impressive China Mieville, a story of the Russian Revolution published by Verso*, hunted for me by my better (and much prettier) other half on one of her artist expeditions to the Great Canker, London – and it’s a signed copy, too! 😀


* The Place I Would Give Various Body Parts and Possibly Cake to Work at…


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