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Campaign Choirs

It’s Not About Trump: It’s All About Trump

edited: numbers present for the earlier EDL demonstrations in London sourced as between 10-16k, not the lower earlier estimate.

Yesterday my partner and I had the good fortune to be singing with Cor Gobaith, Campaign Choirs, Raised Voices, Women in Black and many more coming together to form The Big Choir at the Trump Visit demo. July 13th wasn’t just about choristers deploring Trump’s lack of harmony, though–it was a collaboration of numerous nation-wide protest movements from the Women’s March #BringTheNoise, to Resist, Stop the War, Refugee’s Welcome and Climate Justice to name but a few.

Everyone has their own reasons to protest Trump. The President of the only extant empire in the world is rightly a catalyzing figure for progressive culture, not least because his actions affect so many, but also because our own nation (UK) is so eager to court his favor. It seems that Theresa May’s literally only chance to save her Cabinet from collapse is if she can turn Britain into a low-tariff, any-deal-will-do zone for American goods and services – and with that the implied, tacit, or overt support for Trump’s policies at home and abroad.

The day was filled with defiant laughter and bright colors. Drag Queens and Unions marching alongside mothers and hardened socialists, ‘Keep Your Tiny Hands off Us’ reads one placard, while another puts it more bluntly: ‘Bugger Off!’ I love the big London demos, which can sometimes feel more like a fiesta than a protest with our strong tradition of Pride marches, Reclaim the Streets, Critical Mass and not to forget radical singing.

The emperor of the world is a catalyzing figure, but there is still a lot of room to broaden out that resistance from the laser-guided vitriol on one man (as nourishing as that contempt can be). At my feet in Trafalgar Square, while I listen to the speakers and feel a sense of solidarity I notice a flyer: Stop EDL’s Hate, the day after the Trump Rally, Saturday 14th July.

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Singing For Our Lives

Comrades and Drekkers! A couple of friends and fellow vocalists have written a thing.

From HammerOn Press:

Singing for Our Lives is an introduction to street choirs and their history, exploring origins in and connections with other social movements, for example the Workers Education Association, the Clarion movement, Big Flame and the Social Forum movement. The book identifies the political nodes where choir histories intersect, notably Greenham Common, the Miners’ Strike, anti-apartheid and Palestinian struggles.

Signing for Our Lives also elaborates the personal stories and experiences of people who participate in street choirs, and the unique social practices created within them. The book tells the important, if often overlooked story, of how making music can contribute to non-violent, just and sustainable social transitions.

Available for Pre-Order!


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