It’s eight in the morning, and by that time I am awake, into my second coffee, and at my desk. Good. Not too early and not too late [Tip: Writing is like the Goldilocks Zone, apart from when it’s like your final boss fight with the Kurgan].

Booting up the trusty ‘ol laptop to see what’s occurred in the world while I’ve been in another period of cat-related-fatigue (aka, sleep) and I realize two things: 1). That Epson spams me almost every single go’dangit day about ink cartridges I am never going to buy, and 2). That PLANS have been happening since I last logged in. I trawl through a brace of updates, campaign alerts, newsletters, and the blog posts that I’ve somehow managed to get myself signed up to – and there, at the bottom is an email from my boss, Mr. Frank. Super-Good. Just yesterday I fired off my latest batch of words for his perusal, and while I have been elsewhere he has managed to inspect, edit, tweak, and even play test!

Yikes, that man has drive.

Sitting on my desk is the Deluxe City of Kings set (which I dip into every few hours it seems, and only *partly* to pretend-fight Calamis Earthshaker with a bunch of pointy-helmetted High Elves) which I now crack open to get the little grey cells clicking.

Fresh coffee nearby? Check.

Notebook and pen? [Tip: think in analogue, draft in digital] Check.

Cat set to the sleeping position? Check – but she looks as though she might do a little light killing in a bit. Must remember to protect Calamis.

I am ready to start another day’s work at The City of Games. It’s fun. It’s collaborative. It’s hard work. It’s still fun.

The City of Kings Heroes

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