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The Cityverse makes Zatu’s 2018 Selection List

Many thanks to Zatu for the selection! The City is proud to be included alongside Chronicles of Crime, Just One, Kick-Ass and Tiny Epic Zombies as one of Zatu’s favourite co-op games of 2018.

With seemingly endless stories and missions to endeavour, from dexterous scarecrow building to tactical boss battles, certainly The City of Kings claims the best co-operative RPG of the year.

Louise G of Zatu Games (full review)


The City of Kings Expansion and Vadoran Gardens have Landed!

One of the most splendiferous things has been seeing photos of The City of Kings reprint, Expansion Packs and Vadoran Gardens hitting people’s gaming tables. And now I get to join them!

I mean, just lookit…

It’s kinda weird to be sitting here, surrounded by miniatures and components and character boards, and realizing that these things are actually real! I remember writing about you!

So – well done to all the production, design, and logistics folk for working hard to get all these thousands of boxes to thousands of homes around the world. And thank you to the fans, Constant Readers, kittlings and drekkheads who’ve come along for the ride so far. You [yes, you] are what it has all been about, always.

And if thaaaat wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, then consider this little morsel shared on tweetsville by Frank…


Salsa Apocalyptica

Waking up to hear the news that the country (or the Parliament, at least) is once again in a state of nervous breakdown [diverse alarums] isn’t anything new these days, not over this side of the pond or just about everywhere else.

I may have already spent most of 2019 looking like this:

Seriously, dude.


But anyway ~ the road is long, life is short, and there’s always the ever-burning coals of radicalism to keep one happy. There’s probably a paper to be written that this is what happens when you reduce the democratic impulse to a binary, once-every-few-years process. But whatevs. Frankie Boyle is back, and he sums it up much better than I ever could.

Future Astronauts are minimalist, soundscapey chill-cool. Their music is free and they support mental health charities, so go check them out.

….and, for those of you who are looking for signs of hope in these dark times – or at least for a few hours of adventure, fun, and smiting; The City of Kings reprint + Expansion Packs is into Fulfilment Week!! The games are being delivered to (I think) at least 4 continents, which is a thing which is cool. And pretty humbling.

Photo: one happy customer, by Jeremy Carney @jpcarnscout

Cat’s love The City of Kings. S’true.





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