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anarchist theory

anarch brickbats

I know I give this guy a lot of flak in the pages of this blog [cognitive dissonance much, copywriter?] and playing the grouch isn’t one of my most appealing of characteristics – but questions like these keep the radical coals burning:

If you were Jeff Bezos, with a net worth predicted at over $150 billion, why wouldn’t you cure cancer?

Nb. Not that any one wants to give Amazon any more of a messiah complex, but still…

#Feck2019, already

Feck 2019, as in – to refuse it. To deny the power it holds over us already.

New Year is a weird time for all of us mired in the Gregorian Calendar. It’s the ultimate Alpha-point; it is everything new and promised and time-starting-again. In its most hopeful aspect the New Year promises everything; a magical window of opportunity through which all things will become possible. This is the year that you finally get solvent, or take up yoga, or become the best version of yourself…

///feck you, 2019 – where were you for me last year, the year before that-?///

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