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anarchist theory

Updates: From the Cutting Room Floor

  • Potatoes have now finally shown their heads, joining the courgettes, Musquee de Provence squashes, Cherokee pole beans and french beans on the summer march.
  • Crow is being pretty close these days, a regular visit every day on the sitting-tree 🙂
  • The Next Shiny Thing (a novel) or CODENAME: NOT SO COSY is now wallowing towards the first quarter, which means that I have written almost the first third/half, and in that way of ‘telling yourself the story’ have about 20k words of actual story.
  • The City of Kings & Vadoran Gardens Kickstarter is into its final 48 hours! It is deeply rewarding to see all of the new people who’ve joined in for round 2 of The City of Games!


The Ontology of Ghosts out-take:

We thought the Net would make us all free, able to express who we really were free from the bullshit and the boring crap that got in the way. But it turns out the Net was never for us at all. It was for the rich people. And for the companies. The ones with the killer abs and perfect makeup and wide-pan hiking shots from the Cascades, plates of food that cost as much as I made in a week. The happy people–or those who are able to fake Insta-happiness, anyway.

As for the rest of us? We were always just spectators, still looking for that One Weird Trick to make the universe like us…

-The Ontology of Ghosts, MM.


Mixtape, a cooperative storygame for 2+ players and for total musictrash nerds is now available! Download, have fun. It’s free.


Spotted: A very good discussion on the imaginaries of revolution by Amador Fernandez Savater, including some great take-homes about the anarch imaginary. Horizontal praxis as opposed to Hegelian-style telos thinking. Makes me want to scream “ecosystems thinking”.




Ug. Just poking my head out of a deadline day, jittery from the jag of caffeine and electric-ated from the laptop screen to share this pertinent titbit of doom-ographia [see what happens when they give me deadlines]:

Dataism thereby threatens to do to Homo Sapiens what Homo Sapiens has done to all other animals. Over the course of history humans created a global network and evaluated everything according to its function within that network.

from Homo Deus, by Yuval Noah Harrari.

I’m too tired to think through this now… But, y’know, Modernity and all that jazz. Big Data. Psychological Profiling. Eco-systems. Edge-living. You get the drift.

Good News

Nashville, Tennessee. As temperatures have dipped into the single-digits in Middle Tennessee, 15 people have been found dead outside in the cold within the past month.

via Combatting extreme weather conditions with mutual aid: a primer on a cost-effective hot meal and free store for the unhoused — Enough is Enough!

For anyone else feeling the New Year blues, here is an inspirational account of mutual aid from comrades in America, showcasing how effective change can be done, cheaply, easily and with an added soup recipe! XD

Awesome work, friends.


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