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Woke Up This Mornin’…

Hearing Iain Duncan Smith complain about Britain’s ‘unskilled workforce’ is pretty gross, when you remember the fact that he was a part of the Government that raised Tuition Fees from 3k to a whopping 9k; then didn’t attempt to regulate the courses offered; cut working-age benefits so that workers couldn’t afford to take out the time to upskill; cut child allowances; cut funding to Councils so that they couldn’t afford to provide local training schemes…

Instead, the CSJ (Centre for Social Justice) Foundation, which is a right-wing Think Tank set-up and chaired by Mr. Smith[*], has called for more investment from business in retraining schemes[**], hatewashing the problems of austerity by claiming that ‘Britain has an addiction to foreign unskilled labour’… Apart from the clear ‘blame it on the migrants’ positioning, what makes this announcement doubly odious is that, if we look at it Mr. Smith seems to be suggesting that his Party has gone to great lengths to create the UK’s very own, home-grown unskilled workforce – and would private capital like to do what they want with them?

At the end of the day whether working or not, UK citizen or not – the problem is austerity, and the disembowelment of the social contract.


[*] For further analysis on the CJS and in particular the neoliberal principles behind it, see this piece in New Left Project.

[**] As reported in the Daily and Sunday Express.


We had more of a say in who won The Voice than we do who runs the country.

MiƩville Reader Thoughts

To continue where we left off [a post a day? I apologise to my singular Googlebot for all the extra work] we can talk about some of the threads that run through China’s work.

A Critique of Modernity

Especially true for TC&C, Last Days of New Paris, and the Bas-Lag series. Modernity can be simplified as everything that happened from the Enlightenment onwards; the Industrial Revolution, mass production and consumption, the ascent of materialist science and secular society. It’s usually valorized as a ‘victory of Reason’ over our supposed superstitious and feudal past. It has many critics however, and to this list I would add a large chunk of China MiĆ©ville’s books.

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