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It’s 1994, Soundgarden is on the tape-deck and I am about to make the biggest gaming decision of my spotty life. We’re at the end of a bloated, messy Rolemaster campaign which has seen multiple character changes, some critical wins and a whole heap of epic fails. We’ve been tanking for the last couple of sessions, and now we’ve finally made it to the sunken ziggurat from which all the nasties have poured out into the world. Half the party is engaged in an endurance ritual to try to close the warp gate, and me and John have to decide how our characters are going to stem the horde of mutated orcish Darklings.

We both know that we’re probably not going to make it out alive. But we just have to hold out until the ritual is completed. His half-elf has gone from Ranger to multi-classing Ranger/Paladin, and my obnoxious human Thief is now a Rogue/Scout. We’ve come a long way, baby.

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Embryonic Peace

sproutlings 2018

It’s warmer outside than it is the house this morning, one of the first days so far this year that I can say that. So, that sees me taking my legume sproutlings (broad beans, french beans and peas) outside to germinate in their plastic covered tray. I don’t know whether it will work, but you have to reach for the light where you find it.

Inside the house it feels pretty grey, and not just because it’s waiting for the sun to hit the windows or the late heating oil delivery. It’s the radio – with the news of the US, UK, and Fr attack against Syria. I’m struck by the contradiction of this experience. The warm sun outside, the chatter of the sparrows from the hedges, the tentative life of the beans – the peace of it. Not so for the people of Damascus and Homs, this morning.

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Good News

Nashville, Tennessee. As temperatures have dipped into the single-digits in Middle Tennessee, 15 people have been found dead outside in the cold within the past month.

via Combatting extreme weather conditions with mutual aid: a primer on a cost-effective hot meal and free store for the unhoused — Enough is Enough!

For anyone else feeling the New Year blues, here is an inspirational account of mutual aid from comrades in America, showcasing how effective change can be done, cheaply, easily and with an added soup recipe! XD

Awesome work, friends.


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