Spring Narcissi

Having had a head ringing like a bell with a seasonal/pressure/space headache has not been fun for the past few days. For some reason, it seems that my super-ability is to detect storms by having woozy migraines. Yay me. That translated into approximately 100% more hot cocoas, 100% less alcohol, and walking around in a body suit made of all my warm clothes because of THE STORM OF DEATH. You get the idea.

But now, thankfully, I can see clearly now the snow has gone.

Even though official springtime doesn’t start until the vernal equinox (18-21st), ‘around here it feels like the change has already started. Mar 1st was the Feast of Dewi Sant [Saint David] and my celebratory Tete-a-Tete Narcissi have been glowing sun-yellow since then, and my tree collection has already started producing green buds. In ecological circles they call this period the prevernal spring, which I always liked the idea of.  I swear you can hear the change in the bird’s for example, starting well over a week ago.  There are more voices in the dawn chorus, different species appearing, and the sparrows have started changing their calls [Feb 14th isn’t just for humans, is all I’m saying]. The prevernal spring is mirrored at the end of the year with what is known as the Second Spring in rural tradition. It happens sometime around Sept-Oct, when the ground is still warm enough for a lot of the wildflowers to have a second bloom.

It may still be cold outside and there is a cake of ice in the pond that is stubbornly not giving up – but it feels like the springtide is returning, at least.

Spring Narcissi

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