I mentioned earlier my daily need to moderate despair, well in that vein here is something I want to share that puts a smile on my face. Every year we try pumpkins, butternut squashes, Ichi Kuri (Hokkaido) squashes (yeah, that Hokkaido that just had the scare of its life). Every year, given that we live in the Western Monsoon they do terribly… apart from one. The Rouge d-Etempes, or “Red Princess” Pumpkin, which is the source, so the story goes, of the whole Cinderella pumpkin thing.

I love the sheer exuberence of it. I love the vitality that the vine has (leaves measuring easily 30cm/1″, vines stretching 2-4 metres, completely eclipsing the rest of our little eco-garden), I love the color. The singular Rouge weighs, we think just under 10kg – that’s a weighty old gourd! This is also an opportunity to share with you a scratch of another passion – photography + form, complexity and texture. The pictures below are close-ups of the leaf structure.

Big lady pumpkin
Rouge d’Etempes “Princess” Pumpkin
Pumpkin leaf close up
Pumpkin Geometries
Pumpkin leaf close-up
Pumpkin Tributaries
Sometimes, all of the things
Writing Process & Rare Birds