Vurt: RPG

There is a feather that opens a door...


Role: Proofreader

Vurt: the RPG by Ravendesk Games,  is a traditional (pen-and-paper) roleplaying game set in the world of Jeff Noon's Arthur C. Clarke award-winning novel Vurt In a weird-future Manchester, players create characters from the wealth of diverse mode-types (pure humans, dogman, robo, Shadow, Vurt, and every possible combination thereof) all with their own particular traits, advantages, and drawbacks. It features all of that glorious cyberpunky grit with advertising blurbfly-drones, hackable technologies and overbearing corporate powers - alongside the dreamy, surreal vurtworld of the junkie featherheads.

Vurt: RPG
Status: Completed
Updated: May 13th 2018

Tagged: Roleplay Games



Proofread the .pdf document, maintaining technical game vocabulary as well as accessibility to both American and British audiences.


Ahhh. That about sums it up, right? I mean – this is Vurt, man! In playable form. How awesome is that? This was a great project and a great team to work with, and a great window into how all the elements of a finished project (world, text, design, coffee and brainsweat) all work together.