Villages of Valeria

A fantasy village-building card game


Role: Supplemental Writer for Artbook

Villages of Valeria is a fantasy village-building game by the hardworking peeps at Daily Magic Games. It features a uniquely fast-based approach to strategy gaming, as players try their best to build their cities before the hordes of monsters smash their way in!

I was tasked with helping develop some of the concept and adding some flesh on the bone of what was already (as you can see from below!) an exciting and engaging universe. The Mico's artwork throughout the Valeria-verse line is a dream for a SpecFic writer like me to work with - lots of character, lots of unique details, and lots of dynamic elements that are suggestive of stories.

Coupled with that was the already-exciting world established by the game designers, Rick Holzgrafe & Isaias Vallejo.


Daily Magic Games
Villages of Valeria
Status: Completed
Updated: July 6th 2019

Tagged: Card Games



  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Valeria-verse spanning several already-produced products, to be able to;
  • Develop concept, location, and character stories in an informative and engaging style.