The City of Kings: World Packs & Vadoran Gardens

expansion packs and new game set in a fantasy universe.


Role: Primary Writer

Just like before, super proud to be a part of this team. I have been working with Frank West on the The City of Kings when we started talking about some of the next stages in development for the game-line. The first Big Thing was to be the expansion packs (World Packs) to the core game - featuring new characters, new stories, and new games mechanics to play around with, but also alongside this was the development of the City of Games second game; Vadoran Gardens. It's been a busy couple years!

The City of Kings: Core Game

The City of Kings is a cooperative fantasy board game with strong tactical and strategic elements. You play as the heroes of the free races in a world beleagured by the monstrous creations of Vesh Darkhand. You and your friends have retreated with the tide of refugees, adventurers and hopefuls to the ancient citadel known as the City of Kings, and have to sally forth to complete quests and stories in order to save the day. It's set in a new fantasy world, with gorgeous creature art by Miguel Da Silva, and has been called innovative with it's use of tile-exploration mechanics. Mr. Frank has always designed it as a "true co-op" which in gamer terms, means that your success or failure requires you to collaborate and strategize as a party to save the City from Vesh.


World Packs: Yanna & Kuma, Rapuil & Neoba, Side-Quests and Miniatures.

Adding to the above then, the next stage for the game was to try and push the boundaries of awesome :) This meant working intensely on developing the new characters particular story-arcs, their personal histories, and how they differed and contrasted with the current characters -  as well as developing their stories and the greater world through the new quests to be added to the game.

I gotta say that with these pictures and new miniatures by sculptor Heriberto Valle Martínez as inspiration - it was a welcome task!



Vadoran Gardens

The newest addition to the game-line in terms of a completely different game, Vadoran Gardens has been a pleasure to work on. It's a tile-placement game, set in the tranquil (but often untidy!) sacred gardens of the bird-like Vadorans. Players must create a path through the gardens by matching up tile pictures, completing tasks as they do so like feeding the animals, tending to the plants, and studying relics. It is designed with perhaps a slightly more optimistic aesthetic than The City of Kings, with an emphasis on puzzles.

The City of Kings: World Packs & Vadoran Gardens
Status: In Progress
Updated: May 14th 2018

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  • Develop deep-world history and interesting character arcs.
  • Maintain the balance of story, narrative, conflict and humor between new content and old.
  • Fully joined-up narrative and gameplay.


I’ve said before, and many times how much I enjoy working on games and on this project. This next stage of development of the City of Games line was very rewarding as it allows me to not only dig a little deeper into the story of the world, but also to push in new directions without impinging on the original content. So; I get to help write slightly different stories than the Core ones, with characters that have their own unique voices.