Rise To Nobility

A fantasy worker placement boardgame of intrigue & diplomacy


Role: Additional Writer.

Once again, I am happy to be invited by the busy squirrels at Final Frontier Games to work with them on their follow-up game to Cavern Tavern - a game that continues the story of the characters, alongside a plethora of new ones in Rise To Nobility.

With broadly similar mechanics to Cavern Tavern, the game is about the struggle for the future of the newly established city of Caveborn, where players take on the role of greedy or noble members of the City Council, vying for control of the city entire. Featuring unique goals for each character, as well as a prestige "Reputation" mechanic, and empire-building tactics (allocating homes and work for the optimistic settlers, and navigating dangers and threats to the city).
"Rise To Nobility is an intriguing game with a fantastic theme...the tension between managing your reputation, pursuing nobility, and scoring points is challenging and engaging." (Johnathan H.Liu, GeekDad.com)

"I like the fact that it is multi-layered....if you're looking for something a bit more meaty with a bit more strategic thinking, with more layers and more enjoyment in it then definitely Rise to Nobility is that game." (Breacher18.com)

Rise To Nobility
Rise To Nobility
Status: Success
Updated: July 6th 2019

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To continue to deepen and expand the thematic elements of the game; writing story, working on characters, and developing card content.


As said before with Cavern Tavern, I love being given the chance to try and marry the thematic narrative of the game with the mechanics. With the opportunity to work on this second game set in the same universe, that really allows the game-world and the characters to develop into a pleasing story.


Well, the story of the Five Realms is set to continue in the third and final [apocalyptic?] game, but of that I am sworn to secrecy…