The City of Kings

A cooperative adventure board game


A winner of the 2018 Most Anticipated Game Award at Boardgame Geek!

Role: Primary Writer

I am very proud of this. Frank West, (the developer, project-wrangler, and proud father of this game) approached me to write with him on a new sort of board game project, one that would create an immersive experience for players similar to Warcraft, MMORGs, or traditional rpgs - only in board game format.

The City of Kings is a game about the end of a world. The lands are being ruined by a dark foe, and the last of the free races have gathered in the besieged City of Kings; the most ancient city in the world. Players take on the roles of the different playable heroes of the free races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, flying Vadora, cat-like Sakura, and elemental Risen) who have to sally forth from the City, complete quests, track monsters, and gather resources. It features magic items, encounters, map-discovery, as well as (of course) lots and lots of monsters!

The City of Kings is a game about the end of a world - but it also a game about hope for a new one.

The City of Kings
Status: In Progress
Updated: May 13th 2018

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  • Immersive gaming experience.
  • ‘Deep’ world and character history.
  • Fully joined up narrative and gameplay.
  • Fun!