Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla

A Savage Worlds RPG of arcane horror from Ravendesk Games!


Role: Proofreader

Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla has been a super-fun project to be a part of. Coming from the same studio as Vurt: RPG, Herald is another traditional roleplaying game using the Savage Worlds rules system, but with a host of uniquely cool Extras, Edges, and Hindrances.

Set in an alternate 1920s, we see the likes of HP Lovecraft (of course), eccentric genius Nikolai Tesla, Josephine Baker, Albert Einstein, Babe Ruth, Amelia Earheart and many more engaged in a struggle against the invading forces from beyond the stars, intent on devouring humanity. The only catch however; that most of the people of Earth, still reeling from the horrors of WWI, haven't been told about it yet. That leaves the great and the good of the world's leaders, artists, musicians and scientists forming the underground Mythos Resistance, and doing whatever they can to stop the incursion.

Wacky, pulp-fuelled fun, with a A+ historical research team behind the scenes.

Herald & Tesla RPG

A Savage Worlds Product!
Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla
Status: Completed
Updated: May 13th 2018

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Proofread the documents for American use, grammar, and clarity. Maintain in-house style rules for technical terms across documents. Do the above on double-time deadline!


Once again, great to be working with Ravendesk. A fun team and a fun product is always the proof I have for when people give me that funny look and say “you do what for a living?” On a technical note, this project pressed home for me the importance of global style rules in copyediting and proofreading, as well as the important input needed from researchers, history buffs at all stages of the document history. (It’s the little details that are so important!)