Cavern Tavern

A fantasy worker-placement board game


Role: Additional Writer

I was invited by the lovely folks at Final Frontier Games to help work with them on The Cavern Tavern, writing supplementary material, stories, and card exerpts.

The game is a worker (dice) placement, resource management game set in a high fantasy world, where the characters are down-on-their-luck serving elves, dwarves, and odder adventurers in the most notorious Inn in all of the Five Realms. As plots are plotted and schemes schemed, what follows is a race to try and stay in Nasty the dwarf's good books by completing chores and tasks, all the while attempting to also complete your super-secret tasks.
"The Best of gaming and fantasy, all in one..". (Gaming Maven @ To Die for Games)

"The artwork is fantastic, but really the mechanics match with the theme. We had a blast playing this game!" (Sit Down

Cavern Tavern
Status: Completed
Updated: July 6th 2019

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To expand on the thematic elements of the game, developing the in-game world, characters, and background stories.


Developing concept for games is a great process, and one that I enjoy immensely. I like the fact that there is an interplay between the mechanics and story narrative, as both help feed the other.


I’m working with Final Frontier on their follow up game Rise to Nobility, which continues the story of the Five Realms.