Derek Sivers came up with this idea, as another way to answer that question, I get what you’ve done, but what are you focusing on right now?

Some of that, I guess, is covered by the actual Posts. But blogging being what it is, sometimes they are just throwaway snapshots of a life, or (not very) deeper chats on a particular thing. It doesn’t quite describe what the meta- is of a life, or on the other end, the minutiae routine.

For me, I’m thinking about that check-in: How you doin’, about now?

A lot of writers and creatives don’t get CPD. We don’t get assessment reviews, generally, just acceptances or rejections.

Life in general, too, doesn’t have a built-in review system. We row forward by looking back, says Solnit – for many of us that may feel like stumbling forwards in the dark, hoping that we’re doing better than last year.


Now 24/02/2020

Writing 3-7k words a day, weekdays, on contract fiction projects. I’m clearing 1.5 to 2 ebooks a month. The pace is pretty relentless, but believe me that is better than when it used to be 7 days a week, about 50 weeks a year.

Exercise now without weights:

100 Press-up challenge/a day.

100 Lunge challenge/a day.


Samatha/Emotion-noticing 10-15mins/day.

Pavement-tramping. Sometimes with music, sometimes without. I’m not exactly sure if it clears the head, or if it’s working to match the heart… There’s a kinda solidarity I feel in that space. Not a ‘freedom’ but a freeing, perhaps, to notice the little spaces and other places in the Great Urbanity… Related to the below:


How’s it going, ian?


I had a lot of changes last year (there’s a temptation to blame Saturn) including leaving my adoptive home of Wales, and saying farewell to dear friends and loved ones. But crap happens, and we grow from the shell of the old. I have made remarkable, unsought, and some might even suggest miraculous connections in that time of brokenness. I refuse to ignore my past, and I will look back on that previous life with fondness, hopefully even acceptance. I’m living a more itinerant life than I have in a long time, which is both strange and terrifying. I am seriously wondering if the Greek dramatist’s were right; that we all have themes that we constantly circle in this life. Mine, if this theory is true, would be belonging (cue: interest in feraculture, wild, tramping, etc).


How you doin?