This Midwinter saw me on the floor, surrounded by wrapping paper, and with sellotape stuck to my hair. Although my young neices and nephews are far too young to understand all the words (and some of the humour), these are objects that I have treasured, and I have always wanted to pass on. The pictures are awesome anyway, and maybe they’ll inspire a delight in the weird and fantastical.

Calvin and Hobbes, The Illustrated Hobbit

The Illustrated Hobbit in particular is just beautiful, with graphic-novel illustrations courtesy of David T. Wenzel, and originally published in 1990. Calvin & Hobbes, of course, need no introduction. It feels good to pass these worlds on 🙂

Beorn, David T. Wenzel, the Hobbit
Smaug, David T. Wenzel, the Hobbit.
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