It shouldn’t just be a week, and for some* I know that it isn’t. Awareness Weeks and National Days always make me feel edgy and conflicted, as the net floods with messages of support with perfect pictures and memes, and I cant help but wonder what happens afterwards.

But for you, gentle reader, I wanted to say this:

There are people out there who understand. There are people out there who don’t understand, but who will try their best to. They will sit and listen, they will burble easy conversation that isn’t taxing or threatening or judging.

All the other people you don’t have to sweat over. Don’t give them the space in your mind.

But there are those out there who wont care how awkward or difficult or weird or ugly you feel. They will still treat you with respect, they will still like you. They will still stand at your side.

There are those who’ve felt similar things to you.

You will not be the same person or in the same situation in five years that you are now. Everything changes, thank god.

There is nothing that has helped me more than those people, and looking after animals, and gardens, and going for long walks. Nature helps. Even on the days that feel like treacle.

It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be pissed off at your situation.

It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to think differently than others.

It’s okay to not know what the fuck you’re doing, or going to do. Here’s a secret: No one knows. They’re just pretending.

Being happy; learning to enjoy things, to like yourself – that is a radical, revolutionary act in this world.


* 1 in 4

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