The whole western world appears to be in lockdown as I write this, and this errant escriteur, too, is currently embargoed in a house with a wood burner and (thankfully) tonnes of fresh veg and laughter.

I hope that you, Gentle Readers, Kittlings, Comrades and Drekheads, can have similar joys.

The whole notion of ‘social distancing’ is one I am particularly uncomfortable with. Not that I want anyone to get ill – but that messaging is pretty poor. Messaging, language, are the cultural spells we use to weave a world…

So, let me spread this most alternative piece of messaging a comrade staying in the Nordics shared with me:

People across the world, in Holland, Denmark, Italy and beyond have taken to singing to each other from their balconies and barely-open windows, letting each other know that we are not distant; we are never alone.


And with some possible inspiration for other choristers out there:

And the best piece of advice I have also been given recently: Be not afraid.



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