A very energetic interview between the BBC Today Programme’s Nick Robinson and Anne Coulter;

“Should the President care where he gets his [information] from?”

The question remains unanswered.

Just for the record however, and because words are important, none of the tweeted videos actually took place in Britain, or featured migrants. The three videos come from Holland, Egypt, and Syria.

Of course, the real crux of the debacle is that question – should the President of the Free World care? Should any representative care? Personally, and call me a softy-liberal all you like but I kinda want my representatives to care about what they are endorsing, and whether their information is anywhere near accurate. I want anyone with power to agonize over the minutiae, I want them questioning, debating, considering the facts and the ramifications every step of the way – whether they work in the Town Council’s stationary department or lead the world’s largest military project.

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