Super pleased that Cubicle 7 has teamed up with Humble Bundle and I can now pick up one crap-ton of Warhammer Fantasy Booksand the money goes to Action Against Hunger, so; geeks make the world better, right?


Geek History 101: Before they started charging lots for miniature bundles [ptooie!] and before Games Workshop’s started popping up everywhere, there was a glorious time when GW made trad RPGs. Yeah, pen and paper and funny-sided dice and everything. Full-Geek.

tunnels and trolls rpg

It was just a whisker into the nineties, and I and my friends pored over career-advancement charts and begged for Fate Points. WHFRP was not the first trad RPG I’d ever played (that accolade either going to Dungeoneer or Tunnels & Trolls). Warhammer Fantasy was the first larger, more fleshed-out RPG system we ran, with a rich world and lots of mechanics [not as much as Rolemaster, but hey…].


It was great. The radio was full of REM, 4 Non Blondes, a rock band from Seattle was dedicatedly tearing up the hymnbook, and tomorrow looked exactly like forever. Fun times.


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

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