Once again, you lucky few, it is time for the obligatory legume post.

About a month late this year [no laughing at the back] because WINTER OF DOOM. But the ball is now rolling with Broad Beans sprouting (resisted the urge to plant a billion Broad Beans this year, y’see – learnin’); Sweet Peas on the up; Suspicious Peas in the black; and now for the rest of last year’s bean haul. All of the above seeds were saved from our little plot, thanks to the wonderful advice and curation of the Real Seed Collection – who are absolutely great, and apparently grow down the coast from us!

Mostly Dwarf French Beans (I think…) but also some Yellow French Beans, and perhaps my favorite legume of all time:

The Cherokee ‘Trail of Tears’ Pole Bean, saved by the Cherokee people as they were driven from their traditional territories, and now finding a home in Wales of all places. It’s the perfect winding, reaching, entwining match for this seasons Three Sister’s patch. That’s the plan, anyway.

And of course the best of the beans, like the best of all the found things, gets given back to the garden.





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