Friends, Comrades, and Interesting Places around the Web~


City of Kings – Epic fantasy board game, whom I scribble for. You wanna smite some stuff? Seek no more.

Côr Gobaith – Aberystwyth’s peace and social justice choir. Good songs for challenging times.

DPAC – Disabled People against the Cuts campaigning group. Because they rock.

Ghostwoods Books – UK, fairtrade, weird publisher. Because these guys, too, also rock. But for entirely different reasons.

Carol Lovekin – Not The Booker nominated author and ally. West Wales’ answer to Virginia Woolf.

Kelvin Mason – Writer, journalist, and activist. Cutting and intelligent political critique – and stories!

Melin Bryn – Emily O’Reilly textile artist. Get all your textile-love from a home-grown, hand-spinning, low-impact weaver here.

Morning, Computer – Warren Ellis dailies. Get yer slight-whiff-of-doom writerly musings here. Local knowledge bonus: he lives in the same home town as I ran like hell from grew up in.

Rune Soup – Gordon White’s blog on high weird, paranormal, and culture. Get yer space-shamanism fix here.

Shimmer Magazine – Premier speculative fiction magazine. Like things weird? Magical? Heart-breaking and uncanny? Here you go then.

Terrible Minds – Chuck Wendig’s blog. Get all yer writerly advice, sprinkled with profanity here.