China Mieville talking to the Boston Review on politics, specfic, salvagepunk.

This shit is where we are. A junk heap of history and hope. I am done with the Procrustean strategy of whipping playbooks out of our pockets and squinting to make what we see fit their schema…it’s about scrabbling to put its scobs together anew. It’s too late to save, but we might repurpose. Suturing, jerry-rigging, cobbling together. Finding unexpected resources in the muck, using them in new ways. A strategy for ruination. For all of us at Salvage, this is a redoubled radical commitment, a groping for emancipation.

Loads of overlap between China’s concept of salvagepunk & feral culture: the art of living in the cracks of history?

On the Footsteps of Forgotten Saints