Given the tragic news of recent days, a lot of talk today about the nature of modern fascism; where the blame lies, where it was born, and what to do about it.

Are the white, “Western” working-class fascists and racists? Of course not. But they’re being gamed  and their identities hijacked by some hate groups who are. It was ever thus, sadly. In the war of stories, these hate groups are presenting an easy, fully-packaged myth of the “white race in peril” with a whole cast of villainous groups, figures, races and nations. Just blame this list and you’ll “get your country back” as they say. The same impulse is true here in the UK as it is in America. Brexit didn’t mean Brexit. Brexit meant something else entirely, something a lot uglier.

Well, it seems to me that the country was sold a long time ago. Our trades were devalued by the free market. Our communities shattered by corporate over community investment, our houses priced out of the average reach, communal spirit and camaraderie effectively destroyed in the UK as housing units become means for generating as much income from the least amount of people. Where is there room to grow a community garden? To free-roam? To produce and harvest collective energy systems?

A good story can save a life or change the world, a bad one can blind you.

Silence = Violence
In Defense of Defense