A remarkable soul, and a remarkable talent. On today of all days, and coming out of a long summer in which your music has been the closest to the Play button – I’m feeling grateful. Your music is honest, delicately crafted, at times tight, or filled with the sorts of space that a heart needs.

I think it was Say Yes (one of the few podcasts about Elliott’s life and music), that you hear people talk about that intimacy that fans have around Elliott’s music. There is an awareness that this stuff is precious. Rare.

Even though the largest influence in Elliott’s music is arguably late-era Beatles, sometimes I marvel at how well it fits into the tradition of the Great American Songbook. It has a range that stretches from the lo-fi acoustic of Outsider artists like Daniel Johnston – to moments of Rhythm+Blues Funk like Booker T, Psychedelic Noise-Rock, straight-up Appalachian Folk songs, grunge-rock, Ramones-style Doo-Wop…

There are so many songs I could share here, from Say Yes to Go By, No Name #5, Angeles to Twilight… But some things require space, and cups of tea, and holding the hands of close friends. Luckily, Elliott’s discography was vast for such a short ‘visible’ career, and there are plenty more that give a taste of Elliott’s astounding multi-instrumental abilities:



Thanks, brother ~ Say Yes.


Tuesday Sensorium
Wilding Edge